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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Your Phone Can Save You Money??!

Hate rifling through your purse or pockets for those coupons you clipped from the Sunday paper? Not into downloading coupons online and printing them out? Cellfire is betting on it.

On Tuesday the company will begin offering free mobile coupons to Cingular customers, promising that additional carriers will be added soon. The free, 60k application can be downloaded to your phone just like a ringtone or a game, and Cellfire has already brought such retailers as 1-800-Flowers, TGI Friday's, Hollywood Video and other local chains onboard. The coupons are stored on the handset itself, eliminating the need to access the Internet to redeem them. Just show the coupon as it appears on the phone display to the clerk, and you're good to go.

Coupons are selected for you based on your ZIP code, and Cellfire's CEO Brent Dusing promises they're deals that aren't offered anywhere else.

You can get the coupons by texting 22888 or by visiting the Cellfire Web site.